2021 v BAR
Winter Series

Race globally, compete locally.


Fall vBAR Event Schedule

Races will be every Saturday morning at 9:30 ET in the VACA Saturday Smackdown. The discipline, course, and duration will vary from week to week. The Zwift events calendar is published roughly one week in advance, so check back often for updates to the schedule.

Ladies: The VACA Saturday Smackdown has a women-only category (E). Please enter the E pen. Your points will be allocated according to your current ZP category.

Substitutions may be neccesary to ensure a variety of disciplines or due to cancellations.

Saturday, January 30

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9:30 AM
VACA Saturday Smackdown
Road Race

The Winter series kicks off with 2 laps of London's Greatest London Flat route.


Saturday, February 6

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9:30 AM
VACA Saturday Smackdown
Time Trial

Race #2 is time trial twice around the Watopia Flat Route. No drafting; ride your fastest rig.


Saturday, February 13

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9:30 AM
VACA Saturday Smackdown

It's crit time! A flat-n-fast race held over 6 laps of Richmond's Fan Flats.


Saturday, February 20

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9:30 AM
VACA Saturday Smackdown
Hill Climb

The finale of this series is a hill climb up the base of Mont Ventoux! Climb up to the banner at Chateau Reynard on France's La Reine route. Think light thoughts!


Frequently Asked Questions

Virginia Cycling wants to continue its mission to promote competitive cycling for all of its members. Right now, this is the only way that makes sense.
Yes. Zwift races are open to the general public, so results from our races will be a mixture of VACA/MABRA cyclists and everyone else on the planet. By registering your USAC license and Zwift ID, we can easily verify your eligibility as a resident of the included regions and pick you out of the results.

You will need a Zwift account. There are free 7-day trials available if you don't have one yet.

You'll also need to create a free account on zwiftpower.com. ZwiftPower is your primary source of all Zwift results. Failure to register on that site may mean you will be DQ'd from certain events. If you don't show up in the results, we cannot score you.

Once your accounts are created, you'll need to opt-in to share your ride data with ZwiftPower.com. Log into your account at https://my.zwift.com, click Profile > Connections, and click to enable sharing with ZwiftPower. And Strava while you're there.

You'll need a power meter. It is not necessary to have a smart trainer (Wahoo KICKR, Tacx Neo, Elite Direto, Saris H3, etc.), but you will need a power meter feeding your data to the app. It is possible to use a "dumb" fluid trainer and no power meter in Zwift, but you'll use the 'zwift power' algorithm to calculate your output. This is notorioulsy inaccurate and if you're racing in the C group or above, you will likely be DQ'd from most events.

That's all you need.

Oh, and a heart rate monitor. Most races require Category A, B, and C riders to wear one.

But that's it. Just a Zwift account, a ZwiftPower.com account, a power meter, and a heart rate monitor. And that's all you need.

Nope. This is not a USAC-sanctioned series, there are no permits or insurance, and you're not required to agree to the terms and regulations of USAC.

However, you will need a USA Cycling number. If you already have a USAC license, great! You have your number. If you're not sure, try going to usacycling.org and logging in. If successful, you'll see your USA Cycling #. If you don't have a log in, click the "Sign up for new account" button. There is no charge to register and you'll be issued a USA Cycling # that wil become your license number should you ever choose to purchase one.

You also have to agree to Zwift's terms of use and the rules for fairness in e-racing established by Zwift, ZwiftPower, and the promoters of these events.

So all you really need is a Zwift account, a ZwiftPower.com account, a power meter, a heart rate monitor, and a USA Cycling #. And that's all you need. For sure.

No. To make things a little less confusing, riders are asked to make a few modifications that will identify them as Virginia vBAR competitors. On race day, you should use the Zwift Companion App or log in to zwift.com to update your name. Add a [vBAR] to the end of your last name, so your name appears as "J. Doe [vBAR]".

The name tag is required for scoring.

If you've raced on Zwift before, it's likely you already know your category. Race that one. If you've never raced on Zwift before, your category is based on your FTP. Take your best 20 minute effort in watts, multiply by 0.95, and divide that by your weight in kilograms.
  • If your fitness level is 4.0 w/kg or higher (3.7 w/kg for women), race in the A category.
  • If your fitness level is 3.2 w/kg to 4.0 (or to 3.7 w/kg for women), race in the B category.
  • If your fitness level is 2.5 w/kg to 3.2, race in the C category.
  • If your fitness level is below 2.5 w/kg, race in the D category.
Once you've done three races, ZwiftPower will provide your "historic category", or recommended category based on past performance. You are free to race-up a category (or more) if you want, but don't race down. You could get DQ'd.

You can race up a category if you so choose, but you cannot race down. Any points earned in a higher category apply only to that category.

No. But you can't win any, either.
Eternal glory, the respect and adoration of your peers, and free entry into any Zwift event from now until they start charging for races.
So we can email you the date and time of the next event. We promise we will not give it to anyone or use it for evil.
Each week's race will last roughly 60 minutes on a variety of terrains in a variety of disciplines. Races will be road races, criteriums, time trials, hill climbs, gravel, or Chase format on anything from Tempus Fugit to Ven-top.

The burgoning popularity of Esports has created new opportunities for cheaters to practice their craft. Zwift and similar platforms are not immune to such shenanigans. Zwift and ZwiftPower have implemented many measures to identify and disqualify riders that put in unusually spectacular performances. We defer to their algorithms to find and disqualify the culprits.

Weight plays a critical role in your performance, so it's imperative that you weigh yourself frequently and update your in-game weight. Better than frequent updates is joining the ZwiftTransparency Facebook group and posting live weigh-in videos of you and your scale.

Heart rates increase with increased exertion. When a rider does 5 w/kg for 30 minutes and their heart rate is 120 bpm, something's up. When an event organizer lists heart rate monitors as necessary equipment, make sure you wear one. Maybe even replace the battery if it's old.

Dual recording is nice, but not mandatory. If you have two power sources, you can run one to Zwift and another to a head unit. After the race, go to ZwiftPower and upload your file on the Analysis tab found in your profile. It'll do a comparison of the two data files to show your numbers are legit. Again - not mandatory, but nice to have.

Beware ZPower riders! ZPower is Zwift's "best guess" at power output for riders with no smart trainer or power meter. It uses cadence and speed sensors to estimate power. You've probably seen guys whiz by at 250 mph sporting every jersey available for that world. But not all ZPower riders are as obvious. The way you know them is by looking at the rider's "w/kg" value in the name list. If there's no lightning bolt next to the "w/kg" label, they're ZPower.

Do not sit on their wheel. Do not allow them to chase down breaks. Do not allow them to pull you away from the pack. Stay away from ZPower riders. If they become a nuisance, use the Zwift Companion app to flag them. With enough flags, they're removed from the event and no longer influence it negatively.

Also note that not all ZPower riders are cheating. Tires deflating by a few psi can affect ZPower, so please don't verbally assualt anyone without a lightning bolt. But if they chase your break down single-handedly, but all means - FLAG THEM!

At the end of the day, this is a free event with no opportunity to win money, prizes, or pro contracts. It's the thrill of competition we seek. Compete and have fun. When the dust finally settles and we take it outside, we'll be